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   Studies In Contrast

Studies in Contrast

The Bible is timeless, powerful, alive, enriching, and enabling. Rightly used, it makes us wise, good, loving, patient, courageous, and productive. This Book is more life-changing than all of the other wisdom literature of the world put together. Unfortunately, it has been misunderstood, exploited, and deliberately misrepresented.

That's what happens when the Bible is quoted in part, out of context, and without regard for its counterbalancing truths. Just as man's first error was made on the basis of a half-truth, so it has been ever since. Cults, false doctrine, and religious ignorance of every kind have advanced under the deceptive protection of half-truths.

For this reason, we are introducing a series of studies in contrasts. Our purpose is to help you put your understanding of the Bible in balance. Not a balance that neutralizes two seemingly opposite truths, but a kind of balance that accepts each truth. We hope to broaden your perspective so that you will see that many principles of Scripture are not either/or but both/and.

It is our prayer that you will use this series not only for your own growth but also to disciple others in a better understanding of the most alive, timeless, powerful, enriching, and enabling Book in all the world!

Martin R. De Haan II

Volume 1

Studies In Contrasts, Volume 1, © Copyright 1986 RBC Ministries. Used by permission.