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   Introducing the Pneuma Informer

The Pneuma Informer

The Pneuma Informer was the monthly electronic newsletter of the Pneuma Foundation, published from March 1999 till June 2012. It was sent by E-mail to the hundreds of Pneuma Foundation members and friends worldwide that asked to receive it.

The Informer has many interesting original articles, testimonies of what God is doing throughout the world, and resource articles about helpful ministries (and usually their webpage) and tools for your ministry. There are also important announcements about the happenings of the Pneuma Foundation, this website, and the publications of the Foundation, as well as prayer requests and praise reports from the Foundation and its members and friends. The most popular feature of the Informer are the article excerpts taken from the Pneuma Review.

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Visit PneumaReview.com to read articles and reviews from the latest digital issue of our journal for Pentecostal and charismatic ministries and leaders.