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A Note about Doctrinal Perspectives

by Raul Mock, Executive Director

From the February 2000 edition of the Pneuma Informer

The Pneuma Foundation is a non-denominational organization committed to bringing balance and truth to the charismatic/Pentecostal movement by teaching God's Word with clarity and accuracy. The members of the Pneuma Foundation are from diverse traditions, and this is reflected in the editors and writers that have published materials in our journal, the Pneuma Review, and our other publications such as the Pneuma Informer and the Today's Biblical Issues series of pamphlets.

To illustrate this diversity that exists, we have writers that are classical Pentecostals, those that have been trained at "Word of Faith" Bible schools, those who consider themselves closely linked with the Vineyard movement, independent charismatics and those within main-line denominations, and those who are "close to embracing the theology of the Third Wave." Obviously, our views on some issues do not all agree (for example: the security of the believer and the role of women in ministry), nevertheless it is our desire to bring a unified presentation of sound Biblical teaching and theology to a vast movement that is not known for its soundness in doctrine. On issues that some of us hold differing views, our desire is to bring a forum of discussion where everyone can see more of why each of us holds these different perspectives.

Those of us who make up the Pneuma Foundation are all Evangelicals, and we believe quite strongly that in all that we do we must be getting on with the evangelical task. We believe that the power of the Holy Spirit is available today to the believer and that His power accompanies us as we live for Christ and present Him to this fallen world.

For more information about our doctrinal perspectives, see also the statement of faith and statement of vision and purpose.

From the February 2000 edition of the Pneuma Informer